You know you’re 30 when..

LAST week I turned 32 and I realised just how different life is in your 30s is compared to your wild 20s.

I know I’m stating the obvious, but I just can’t believe how much I’ve changed. For the better I hope!
Heidi Anderson.

I’ve put together a list — chances are if you can say yes to more than five of the below, I’m afraid your party days are behind you and I welcome you to the 30s club!

— I now keep all my birthday cards so I can look back at all the nice things people write about me and reminisce on the memories. In my 20s I’m not sure we could even afford presents for birthdays, let alone a card.

— I look forward to going home and heating up my heat pack for my back. My body just isn’t as flexible as it used to be.

— The thought of a hangover terrifies me … remember when you could party for days without any sleep? That feels like a distant memory now.

— I spend my Sunday’s going to the farmers’ markets and garage sales looking for bargains. Sleeping in is such a thing of the past.

— I shop for comfort rather than style these days. Pyjamas and no makeup are acceptable at the shops in your 30s. My care factor is zero!

— Instead of shopping at Sports Girl, all my money goes to Kmart! I’m more excited by house appliances than shoes these days.

— I take all my used plastic bags to be recycled. I didn’t care for the environment in my 20s, only myself.

— I’m in bed by 7pm on a Saturday night, reading self-help books. I know, life has become sad hasn’t it? Please don’t judge.

— I run marathons and funruns on weekends. Who would’ve thought a run could be fun. Sundays in the past were spent in bed or over the toilet bowl.

— I now drink for taste (like red wine), not to get drunk. Enough said.

— I’m not petrified of babies. I find them cute and cuddly. Does this mean I’m ready?

— You slip, slop, slap when out in the sun. No more oil or sunbeds. It’s amazing how conscious I am of my skin.

— I’m on some kind of diet. This week is paleo! My metabolism just isn’t what it used to be.

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